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AQDJArmy Quarterly and Defence Journal, ceased publication 2001

BMHSBulletin of the Military Historical Society

BARBritish Army Review, an Army Directorate of Training and Doctrine ‘restricted’ publication

DHF RRecords of the Douglas Haig Fellowship

FEFirst Empire

FSFire-Step, the London Branch magazine of the Western Front Assoc

GFGun Fire, a journal of First World War history, 59 issues until publication ceased on death of its editor/proprietor, 2004

JRUSIJournal of the Royal United Services Institute

JSAHRJournal of the Society for Army Historical Research

STStand To!, Journal of the Western Front Association, 1914-1918

WiHWar in History

Volume and Part numbers: 57 (3) stands for “vol 57, number 3”. For journals and magazines which publish by Number (e.g. BAR): 102 stands for “No 102”


Waterloo. The Campaign of 1815 Vol II

From Waterloo to the Restoration of Peace in Europe Greenhill Books October 2017 978-1-78438-200-1

As featured on the Napoleon Series by Bob Burnham – click here.


Waterloo. The Campaign of 1815 Vol I

From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras Greenhill Books April 2017 978-1-78438-196-7

As featured on the Napoleon Series by Bob Burnham – click here.


Marlborough, Hero of Blenheim

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004 ISBN 0-297-84686-8

The Hussey Collection

Available at University of Bath LEARN MORE

Contributions to books

The Flanders Battleground and the Weather in 1917

chapter 10, pp.140-158 of Passchendaele in Perspective ed P H Liddle, Pen & Sword 1997 ISBN 0-85052-552-7

John Fortescue, James Edmonds, and the History of The Great War

chapter 4, pp.55-70 of The Writing of Official Military History ed R Higham, Greenwood CT 1999 ISBN 0-313-30863-2

Portrait of a Commander-in-Chief

chapter 2, pp.12-36, of Haig, a Reappraisal, 70 Years On ed B H Bond and N Cave, Pen & Sword 1999 ISBN 0-85052-698-1

Sir John Fortescue

p.307, in The Oxford Companion to Military History ed R Holmes, 2001

Philippe Pétain

pp.469-470, and ‘The Chemin des Dames and the French Mutinies in 1917' pp.704-705, in The Readers Guide to Military History ed C Messenger, 2001


Henry Wilson’s Versailles War Game, January 1918

DHF Records, No 20 May 2018, pp.1-32

Saving Johnny French: Haig’s Loan in 1899

AQDJ, 121 (3) July 1991, pp.318-325 A much revised and expanded version is in DHF Records, No 22, December 2019, pp.13-28

Marlborough and the Loss of Arleux, 1711: Accident or Design?

JSAHR, 70 (281) Spring 1992, pp.4-14

John Fortescue, James Edmonds, and the History of The Great War

JSAHR, 70 (282) Summer 1992, pp.101-113 [see Contributions to Books]

The Case Against Haig: Mr Denis Winter’s Evidence

ST, 36 Winter 1992, pp.15-17

Old Askaris Never Die, Nor Even Fade Away

[Tracing Lettow-Vorbeck’s veterans in former German East Africa, 1966], AQDJ, 123 (1) January 1993, pp.48-51.

Reflections from a Lake

[wars on L Tanganyika], AQDJ, 123 (3) July 1993, pp.334-338

One Thousand More Tanks [1916]

ST, 38 Summer 1993, pp.24-25.

Kiggell and the Prisoners: Was He Guilty of a War Crime?

BAR, 105, December 1993, pp.45-50; repr in GF, 32 [May 1995], pp.20-30

A Hard Day at 1st Ypres: The Allied Commanders and their Problems, 31 October 1914

BAR, 107 August 1994, pp.75-89

Kiggell, a Second Opinion

AQDJ, 124 (4) October 1994, pp.464-471

Algy Lawson and John French

GF, 30 November 1994, pp.2-13

F-M Wavell

JSAHR, 72 (291) Autumn 1994, Note 1397, p.187

Douglas Haig, Adjutant: recollections of veterans of the 7th Hussars

JSAHR, 73 (294) Summer 1995, pp.124-133

Contemporary Record or Post-war Fabrication? The Authenticity of the 1914 Haig Diaries

ST, 42, January 1995, pp.29-31

"Without an Army", the [British] Financial and Industrial Background to 1914'

BAR, 109, April 1995, pp.76-84.

Foch, Haig, and the Conception of Amiens, 1918

GF, 32 May 1995, pp.15-19

Haig's Ride at 1st Ypres: Fact or Fiction?

BMHS, 46, August 1995, pp.20-30

Tanks, Fuller and Liddell Hart

FS No 8 Autumn 1995, pp.6-9.

"A Very Substantial Grievance" said the Secretary of State: Douglas Haig's Examination Troubles, 1893

Staff College Entry], JSAHR, 74 (299) Autumn 1996, pp.169-180

The British Divisional Reorganisation, February 1918

ST, 45 January 1996, pp.12-14

Of the Indian Rope Trick

[the Paranormal and Death-Rays in the Great War] BAR, 112, April 1996, pp.78-87

Commanders and Staffs in the First World War

BMHS, 46, May 1996, pp.195-203

At the Going Down of the Sun

[The Case of the German Navy versus Captain Fryatt, Merchant Navy, 1916] AQDJ, 126 (2) April 1996, pp.209-217

A Commentary on Landrecies 25/26 August 1914

ST, 46, April 1996, p.16

Allenby at the Staff College

GF, 37 July 1996, pp.35-36

The Monsoon in Flanders, 1917

JSAHR, 74 (300) Winter 1996, pp.249-256.

Sir Douglas Haig's Diary and Despatches: Dating and Censorship

ST, 47 September 1996, pp.19-20. [Documents]

Appointing the Staff College Commandant, 1906

[Henry Wilson], BAR, 114 December 1996, pp.99-106

The Ideas of May, a British Doctrine of War, 1940

[until mid-May 1940 Liddell Hart argues that the Defensive will beat an Offensive], GF, 39 March 1997, pp.2-11

The Movement of German Divisions to the West, Winter 1917-18

WiH, 4 (2) April 1997, pp.213-220

Introduction to 'General von Kuhl's Account of the Battles of Summer and Autumn, 1917

(translated by Colonel R Macleod, transl revised by C Fox), ST 50, September 1997, pp.5-10; also in BAR, 116 August 1997, pp.78-88

The Deaths of Qualified Staff Officers in the Great War: "a generation missing"?

JSAHR, 75 (304) Winter 1997, pp.246-259

"Uncle" Harper at Cambrai, 20 November 1917, a Reconsideration

[51st (Highland) Division and tanks], BAR, 117, December 1997 pp.76-91; repr with a textual omission restored, in ST, 62 September 2001, pp.13-23

Nor Set Down Aught in Malice

Haig and Allenby, 1919, in The Poppy and the Owl No 22 November 1997, pp.38-42

Between Somme and Ancre, 35th Division’s Troubles, 26 March 1918

BAR, 118 April 1998, pp.76-86

The Significance of a Wellingtonian Memorandum of May 1815

JSAHR, 76 (305) Spring 1998, Note 1478, pp.55-59 Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 28 (3), 2005, pp.401-407

Douglas Haig in 1919

the 1997 address by the Haig Fellow for that year to the DH Fellowship, in DHR, 4, 1998 pp.3-8; repr in shortened form in The Poppy and the Owl, No 23 April 1998, pp.46-49

A Calendar of Flanders Rain, 1917

[tabulation of daily records for 6 months], GF, 45 [July 1998] pp.44-53; with repr of an illegible ‘June 1917’ table in GF, 51 [1999], p.51

At What Time on 15 June 1815 did Wellington Learn of Napoleon's Attack on the Prussians?

WiH, vi (1) January 1999, pp.88-116

Two Letters of the Prince of Orange to Wellington, June 1815

JSAHR, 77 (311) Autumn 1999, Note 1530, p.224-225 [Documents]

The Armoured Train Disaster and Winston Churchill’s Escape from Pretoria

BAR, 123 Winter 1999/2000, pp.84-103

Müffling, Gleig, Ziethen and the "missing" Wellingtonian Records - the "compromising documents" traced

JSAHR, 77 (312) Winter 1999, pp. 250-268

Towards a Better Chronology for the Waterloo Campaign

WiH, vii (4), November 2000, pp.463-480

Scrambling After Wellington, a great historian’s field notes

[Fortescue’s notebook of his Peninsular tour, 1903] in the bulletin of the British Commission for Military History November 2000, pp.7-9

The British Descent on St Malo, 1758

BAR, 128, Winter 2001-2, pp.82-92

"Evening" and the Waterloo Despatch’

JSAHR, 79 (320) Winter 2001, Note 1611, pp.336-338

Bylandt's Brigade at Waterloo

BAR, 129, Spring 2002, pp.78-86

Let no man lay to Wellington's charge the suicides of these two men

[Todd, d.1814, Gurwood, d.1845], JSAHR, 80 (322) Summer 2002, pp.98-109.

The Flanders Battleground and the Weather in 1917

a supplementary note, JSAHR, 80 (324) Winter 2002, Note 1684, pp.356-357

The Shadow of Ligny: Hindsight and the Wellington-Pfuel interview, 13 June 1815

FE, 71 July-August 2003, pp.12-21

Messages on the Morning of 15 June 1815, a Prussian expert's conclusions

[Pflugk-Harttung]: JSAHR, 81 (325) Spring 2003, Note 1660, pp.62-63

German Casualties in the War of 1914-1918; a Comment and a Plea

DHR, 9 (2003), pp.17-22; repr in FS, 8 (1), May 2007, pp.23-30

Conversations with Wellington, Dörnberg's account of the start of the Waterloo campaign

FE 73, November-December 2003, pp.9-15

How "unreliable" was De Lacy Evans's account of the Waterloo campaign?

JSAHR, 81 (328) Winter 2003, Note 1690, pp.372-379

Earl Haig: pensions and the employment of ex-servicemen, 1919

GF, 59, pp.92-95

Wellington Face à l'Histoire

Napoléon Ier, No 27, Paris [July/August] 2004, pp.38-39

Wellington's Opinions, May 1815

JSAHR 82 (332) Winter 2004, Note 1727, pp.360-361. [Documents]

Further Intelligence Reports 14 and 15 June 1815

FE, 81 March/April 2005, pp.31-33. [Documents]

Introductory comment (pp.9-10) to 'Understanding the De Lancey Memorandum: General Robinson's Analysis in full'

FE, 84 September/October 2005, pp.9-18

The Marquis de Puissar

some fragments of information’ [a colonel under King William III] Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 28 (3) 2005, pp.401-407

Wellington's Draft of his Waterloo Despatch, and the reports of the Allied Commissioners

FE, 87 March/April 2006, pp.12-17. [Documents]

Before the Return from Elba, the War Scare of Winter 1814/15

FE, 88 May/June 2006, pp.33-38

Pivoting on Liège to Save Brussels: Policy, Strategy and Logistics, March 1815

FE, 89 July/August 2006, pp.17-21

The Artistic Imperative and Government Procedures: Time, Taxpayers' Money, and Siborne's Large Waterloo Model

FE, 90 September/October 2006, pp.9-16

Some Correspondence between Wellington and Gneisenau, their Governments and their Staff: the Netherlands, 5-15 April 1815

FE, 91 November/December 2006, pp.30-35. [Documents]

Defending Brussels to Protect Europe: the Formulation of a Coalition Strategy, April 1815

FE, 92 January/February 2007, pp.14-21

Provisioning the Allied Armies in 1815

FE, 94 May/June 2007, pp.23-27

A Defence of John Colborne

FE, 95 July/August 2007, pp.23-25

Minor Powers, Major Problems: Allocating Allied Resources, April 1815

FE, 96 September/October 2007, pp.9-12

The Fog of War and the Confusions of History: Dörnberg, Colquhoun Grant and Napier, an Endeavour to Clarify an 1815 Controversy

FE, 97 November/December 2007, pp.13-18. An earlier version, ‘Colquhoun Grant, Napier and Dörnberg, a message of June 1815’, had appeared in Age of Napoleon, No 36, pp.27-31 [2001]

Caring for Casualties, some Notes on the British Experience

[Peninsula and Waterloo], FE, 98 January/February 2008, pp.23-24

The Tirlemont Meeting in Context, Wellington and Blücher, 3 May 1815

FE, 99 March/April 2008, pp.16-24

The Aftermath of Tirlemont, 2-12 May 1815

FE, 100 May/June 2008, pp.23-31

Orange and Nassau, a Multinational Complication in 1815

FE, 103 November/December 2008, pp.28-32

In Darkest Winter: John Buchan and Duff Cooper’s Haig

DHF Records No 12 Nov 2008, pp.53-58

Preparing to Invade France: May into June 1815

FE, 105 Mar/Apl 2009, pp.12-19

The Terrible Choice

[Napoleon's options], FE, 106 May/June 2009, pp.12-16

Twelve Days in June: reining-in the Northern armies

FE, 107 July/Aug 2009, pp.20-26

All Too Quiet on the Eastern Front

FE, 108 Sep/Oct 2009, pp.11-18

Thirty-Six Hours in Belgium, 12-13 June 1815

FE, 110 Jan/Feb 2010, pp.11-17

The Anniversary of Marengo and Friedland, 14 June 1815

FE, 111 Mar/Apl 2010, pp.23-32

The First Publication of the Frasnes Letter - and its Aftermath

FE, 114, Sep/Oct 2010, pp.29-32

The Frasnes Letter, Part 2: reports and assessments to midnight, 15 June 1815

FE, 115 Nov/Dec 2010, pp.10-17

The Frasnes Letter, Part 3: to Nivelles and Quatre Bras

FE, 116 Jan/Feb 2011, pp.14-22

The Frasnes Letter, Part 4: the morning of 16 June 1815

FE, 117 Mar/Apl 2011, on electronic version only

Book Reviews

Johnny Gough, VC

by I F W Beckett, AQDJ, 122 (1) January 1992, pp.80-81

We Are All The Target

[terrorism] by D S Derrer, Small Wars and Insurgencies, 4 (1) Spring-Summer 1993, pp.158-159

Halt, Action Front! Colonel Long and the Guns at Colenso

by D Hall, JSAHR, 73 (296) Winter 1995, pp.285-286

The Tanks at Flers

by T Pidgeon, JRUSI, 141 (2) April 1996, p.79

Bloody Red-Tabs, General Officer Casualties in the Great War

by F Davies and G Maddocks, AQDJ, 126 (1) January 1996, pp.18-19

Thiepval, Somme

by M Stedman, JRUSI, 141 (3) June 1996, pp.66-67

1758 [the British Descent on Cherbourg]

by J-P Rihouey, BAR, 113, August 1996, p.108

Facing Armageddon

[papers from the 1994 Leeds 80th anniversary conference] ed P H Liddle and H Cecil, JRUSI, 141 (5) October 1996, pp.71-72

The History of the 36th (Ulster) Division

by C Falls (repr of 1922 original), JRUSI, 142 (2) April 1997, p.71

Anglo-French Relations and Strategy on the Western Front

by W Philpott, JSAHR, 75 (303) Autumn 1997, p.211


by A Babington, JRUSI, 147 (4) August 1997, p.87

The Memoirs of Baron von Müffling

(Greenhill’s Napoleonic Library), JRUSI, 147 (4) August 1997, pp.89-90

From Arras to Cambrai: the Royal Berkshire Regt in 1917

ed C Fox, JRUSI, 143 (4) August 1998, p.80

Pioneer Battalions on the Western Front

by K W Mitchinson, JSAHR, 77 (310) Summer 1999, p.136

The Waterloo Papers and Beyond

ed E Owen, JSAHR, 78 (313), Spring 2000, pp.72-73, with supplementary item, expanding on Napoleon’s conversations, in JSAHR, 78 (316), Winter 2000, Note 1577, p.303.

The IWM Book of 1918, Year of Victory

by M Brown, JRUSI, 145 (2) April 2000, p.97

The Hazy Red Hell: Fighting Experiences on the Western Front, 1914-18

compiled by T Donovan, JRUSI, 145 (2) April 2000, pp.99-100

The Army Service Corps, 1902-1918

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British Logistics on the Western Front, 1914-1919

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Command in the Royal Naval Division, the Military Life of Brig-Gen Arthur Asquith

By C Page, JSAHR, 79 (318) Summer 2001, pp.179-180

The Blood Tub: General Gough and the Battle of Bullecourt, 1917

by J Walker, and ‘Passchendaele, the Sacrificial Ground by N Steele and N Hart, JSAHR, 80 (323) Autumn 2002, pp.278-279

The First World War: vol 1, To Arms

by H Strachan, JSAHR, 80 (324) Winter 2002, pp.363-365

The Diary and Despatches of a Military Attaché in Warsaw, 1938-1939

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Blenheim Preparation

by D G Chandler, BAR, 135 Autumn 2004, pp.77-78

Blenheim, 1704 by J Falkner

BAR, 135 Autumn 2004, p.78

Letters from the Battle of Waterloo

ed Gareth Glover BAR, 135 Autumn 2004, pp.78-80

Marlborough’s Shadow [General Cadogan]

by J N P Watson, JSAHR, 83 (333) Spring 2005, pp.85-86

Blenheim, Battle for Europe

by C Spencer, JSAHR, 83 (335) Autumn 2005, pp.261-262

What Happened to the Hippy Man?

by M Thexton [Hi-Jack of Pan Am 073, Karachi, 1986], BAR, 140 Autumn 2006, pp.127-128

More Matter for a May Morning

a review article developed round 'Ramillies, 1706', by J Falkner, BAR, 141 Winter 2006-07, pp.81-84

Douglas Haig, the Preparatory Prologue, 1861-1914

by D Scott, BAR, 141 Winter 2006-07, pp.92-95

A Commanding Presence: Wellington in the Peninsula

by Ian Robertson, BAR, 145 Autumn 2008, pp.114-5

On Waterloo, Clausewitz, Wellington, and the Campaign of 1815

ed Bassford, Moran & Pedlow, FE, 116 Jan/Feb 2011, pp.24-16

The Waterloo Archive, vols 1 and 2 (English and German sources)

ed G Glover, BAR, 150 Winter 2010-11, pp.127-8

An Atlas of the Peninsular War

ed Ian Robertson, maps by M Brown, BAR, 150 Winter 2010-11, pp.128-9


Quiberon Bay

History Today, vol 10 (3) March 1960, p.201

G De Groot’s Douglas Haig

JRUSI, 134 (3) Autumn 1989, p.84

John Terraine and Alex Danchev

JRUSI, 135 (3) Autumn 1990, p.87

‘D Winter’s Haig’s Command

The Times Literary Supplement p.13 (letters page), 10 May 1991

A Nelsonian Jutland

JRUSI, 140 (3) June 1995, pp. 67-68

The Genesis of Air Interdiction, 1918

JRUSI, 140 (5) October 1995, p. 83

J Laffin’s British Butchers and Bunglers

in Despatches, the bulletin of the Friends of the Imperial War Museum April 1997, p.31

Geology and Warfare

ST, 50 September 1997, pp.33-34

Müffling’s Memoirs

JRUSI, 147 (5) October 1997, pp.vii-viii

Müffling’s Memoirs

JRUSI, 147 (6) December 1997,

Napoleon’s Death

JRUSI, 148 (2) April 1998, p.ix

Lions led by Donkeys

BAR, 133, Winter 2003, pp.85-86 – and BAR, 135, Autumn 2004, p.80; my earlier note entitled ‘Lions led by Apes’ had appeared in GF 39 [March 1997] pp.39-40

Austerlitz Drownings

FE, 87 March/April 2006, p.18

The 52nd Foot in “the Crisis” at Waterloo

JRUSI, 151 (3) June 2006, pp.8-9

The Question of Eagles

[the number given in the Waterloo Despatch], FE, 89 July/August 2006, pp.26-27. [Somewhat garbled in printing]

First World War Pardons

JRUSI, 151 (6) December 2006, pp.8-9

The Verdict of History

[F-M Sir W Robertson on the Mesopotamian campaign], JRUSI, 154 (5) October 2009, p.5


The Concentration of the French Army for the Campaign of June 1815

from the French of P de Callatay, in FE, 102 September/October 2008, pp.22-29


Dawyck, 2nd Earl Haig

DHF Records No 13 Nov 2009, pp.14-15

Douglas Montagu-Douglas-Scott

DHF Records No 14 Nov 2010, pp.3-4